Our first Blog Post

Jan 13, 2011 by

Our first Blog Post

Welcome to our very first blog post and the launch of the website Outsaurus.com.

Outsaurus.com is a new website, devoted to exposing American companies that send THOUSANDS of jobs overseas while primarily being dependent on American consumers.

Outsourcing does more damage to the American economy then any recent economic sandal you might have read about or seen on tv. Government giving billions to banks no questions asked? Banks not lending? Wall Street execs taking billions from Uncle sam and then giving themselves billions in bonuses? Housing market crashing? None come close to the damage outsourcing American jobs have done.

When you fire an American worker and ship their job overseas, that American worker doesn’t have the money to buy the goods you sell. While the company that fired the worker might see a better balance sheet for a couple years (after all that recently laid off American worker can live off credit cards for at least a year or two.) A few years later when no one is buying their goods these corporations wonder what happened to the economy. Blame anyone you want, name a specific business, or politician but when all said and done the mass murderer of American jobs is outsourcing in the name of short term profits.

Our goal is to highlight this epidemic and do whatever we can to save as many American jobs as possible. But we cannot do this alone! We need your help!

1. First and foremost if you or someone you know recently lost their job due to outsourcing please let us know. We would like to expose the company and if possible organize some sort of support group for the recently unemployed.

2. Spread the word! on every page you will see a link to where you can republish the article on your Twitter feed or Facebook wall. Please do so. Please also use the “suggest to friends” link on our Facebook page. This is the only way to grow on Facebook.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the dangers of outsourcing. Feel free to reference this site.

4. Write or call your elected officials. Don’t forget they work for you! Let them know your against outsourcing and against tax breaks for companies that outsource. In addition tell them more support is needed for the victims of outsourcing. People who lost $75,000 a year programming jobs cannot recoup that income by working 3 mim. wage jobs. (If their lucky enough to find a job in the first place.)

We thank you in advance from the bottom of our heart for your support. Please keep fighting the good fight and stand up for American jobs.

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